Monday, June 1, 2009

Attention Shoppers!

" What's Wal-Mart? Do they like make walls there? "

-Paris Hilton, 2003 The Simple Life

Do you think this amendment abuse is:
Horrendous, Heinous, or Hilarious?


Vanessa said...

Ok, I know that she knows what wal-mart is. I hate women that act like they are stupid (Paris, Jessica Simpson, etc). It's kind of offensive. Be who you are. You're giving all women a bad name and she's a terrible example for young girls-- "Be pretty, blonde, skanky, and ditsy and you will be successful and popular...being well educated and respected isn't important"

BC said...

I'm pretty sure the women you listed aren't pretending. Maybe Paris was pretending to not know what wal-mart was but i think they are all genuinely stupid. I also think its horrendous that we as a society idolize these dumb blonds, lame!!

Amendment Abuse said...

I tend to agree with the reader Vanessa. I think most are pretending. And why? Because of $$$. But I do agree that its {horrendous} that we idolize these people. And we idolize them because they are rich beautiful and successful while appearing to be complete bimb-os.

Today I actually found a quote from Paris Hilton posted on another blog...she addresses all the stupid things she says, while, if possible, sounding even more stupid than usual. I shall post it!

mensfashiondeals said...

Paris was totally pretending not to know. She's built a brand around feigned stupidity.


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