Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dear Laura, thank you for your compassion...

"So many of the people in the arenas here were under-privileged anyway. This is working very well for them."

- Former First Lady Barabra Bush, September 2005, American Public Media's "Marketplace" Program, on the conditions in the Astrodome following the Hurricane Katrina disaster

Do you think this amendment abuse is:
Horrendous, Heinous, or Hilarious?

Update (6/7): Seem too bad to be true? Read about this gaffe here, at Editor And Publisher Online Magazine


Vanessa said...

So, I was surprised by this comment and I feel like it may have been taken out of context. That is one thing that bothers me about the media...they can cut paste quotes together to make people sound like...whatever they want them to sound like (stupid, racist, uncaring, etc).

BC said...

Most politicians are rich (left and right wing) and this is a perfect example of how they just can't relate to us everyday middle income folk. Its a shame that wealth is pretty much a prerequisite for running for office.


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